Prep: None / Activity Time: 1 min. several times a day

Sing the alphabet song with your child. This is an early exposure to the alphabet. Just remember that singing the alphabet song does not mean that your child can identify individual letters. That will come later. Right now, just have fun singing this popular tune.

Your voice!

Step 1: Sing the alphabet song with your child every day and in many places.  

Step 2: Sing in the car, at bedtime or when you are outside together. Your child should soon begin to sing along with you.

Step 3: Sing the alphabet song when you are reading alphabet books together.

Just remember, at this age, we do not expect your child to remember the names of the letters. Your child will need many exposures to a letter in many playful ways before she will recognize and remember the name of the letter or its sound. This activity is about exposure and fun!