Prep: 3-5 Minutes / Activity Time: 5-10 Minutes

Sensory play with water is a great way to have fun with your baby and stay cool at the same time. As your baby hears new words and explores new materials, creative water play will stimulate her language and cognitive development.


  • cookie sheet or small bowl
  • water
  • floating toy (rubber duck or bath toy)
  • towels


Step 1: Fill a cookie sheet or small bowl with enough water to splash with your child. (Make sure the temperature of the water is comfortable for playing in.) Then, add a floating toy. 

Step 2: Place a towel on the floor where you will sit with your water-filled container. You may want the extra towel to sit on or to keep your legs from getting too wet.

Step 3: Once you're seated, place your baby in your lap with the bowl or cookie sheet in front of you.


Step 1: Lightly splash your baby’s feet in the water. Sprinkle water on her legs and watch her reaction as you talk about what you do.

Step 2: As you splash, talk to your baby about what she is seeing, feeling and doing. You might say:

You’re splashing in the water! Does the water feel cool on your feet?

Look at the yellow ducky swimming by. Hello ducky!

Step 3: Continue as long as your baby is interested. Young babies may only be interested for a few minutes at a time. Be a close observer and follow your infant’s lead.