Prep: None / Activity Time: 5-10 Minutes

You can build letter knowledge during everyday experiences using toys and materials you already have. It is not necessary to plan a “lesson” or a formal activity. Simply talk with your toddler about letters, shapes and numbers during the day in everyday conversations. In this activity, you can introduce your toddler to letters naturally while playing with alphabet blocks. Then, make it even more exciting with opportunities to stack and knock down the blocks.

  • alphabet blocks
  • basket or bin

Step 1: Give your toddler a basket or bin full of alphabet blocks.

Step 2: Invite her to dump the blocks onto the floor. Dumping is part of the fun!

Step 3: Give your child time to explore and play with the blocks independently.

Step 4: After a few minutes of free exploration, sit down with your child and talk about some of the letters, shapes and pictures on the blocks.

Step 5: Finally, show her how to stack the blocks, one on top of the other. You might make up a simple rhyme as you and your child stack. See if your child will wait until she hears the word “fall” in the last line before knocking the blocks down.  

Stack them up,
Stack them up,
See how tall.

Stack them up,
Stack them up,
Watch them fall! 

Say this last line very slowly. See if your toddler will have the self control to wait until you say the word fall, before knocking the blocks down.