Prep: 5 Minutes / Activity Time: 5-10 Minutes

Let your child have fun exploring letters by using rubber alphabet letter stamps and an ink pad.

  • rubber alphabet letter stamps
  • colorful stamp ink pad (dark colors show best)
  • white unlined paper

Step 1: Start with three to four alphabet letters that are in your child’s first name.

Step 2: On an unlined white sheet of paper, show your child how to put ink on one of the rubber alphabet letter stamps and then transfer it to the paper. Explain to your child what you are doing and know that you may have to demonstrate a few times.

Step 3: Hand your child the stamp and encourage him to repeat what you just did. Name the alphabet letter that your child stamps on the paper. You might say, “Look, you made the letter G for Gavin. That’s your letter!”

Step 4: Encourage your child to continue stamping letters as you name them. It’s ok if your child randomly stamps letters all over the paper. Let your child enjoy the process of using the stamp pad and exploring the letters.

Start with just the first letter in your child’s name.

Ask your child to find a letter that you name. Put the first two to three letters in your child’s name on the table. Ask your child to find a letter that you name and to stamp it on the paper.