Prep: None / Activity Time: 5-6 Minutes

Toddlers are keen observers and excellent mimics. They also love repetition and rhythm. By combining these skills and interests, this activity can help your child to begin to develop word awareness (the understanding that sentences are made up of individual words) and syllable awareness (the understanding that words are made up of smaller sound “chunks”).

Your voice!

Step 1: Choose a simple phrase such as "Mommy loves you," "You're my big boy," or "Let's get ready."

Step 2: Sit comfortably with your toddler in your lap.

Step 3: Tap your knees once for each syllable as you say the words slowly to your child.

For example, as you say, "Mommy loves you," you would tap four times.

" loves you!"

  tap       tap   tap   tap

Step 4: Repeat the phrase, this time guiding your child's hands to tap his knees once for each syllable.

Step 5: Play this game throughout the day saying different phrases, nursery rhymes or words and adding different movements such as tapping, clapping or stomping.