Prep: None / Activity Time: 1-3 Minutes

Toddlers love music and movement. Listening to and singing songs with rhymes helps your toddler use and develop both sides of the brain. Singing traditional nursery rhymes prepares the toddler’s ears, voice and brain for language. Moving to music is also fantastic for this age. This helps children develop a sense of rhythm with their movements. Combine rhyme, music and movement as you sing this familiar nursery rhyme and tap out the beat.

  • rattle or shaker toy with sound
  • small pillow, box or toy drum to tap on
  • One, Two, Buckle My Shoe (if needed, create a poster and hang it near you as a reference)

   One,  two,  buckle  my   shoe

   tap    tap     tap    tap   tap

   Three,  four   shut    the   door

   tap       tap     tap    tap   tap

   Five,   six,   pick   up    sticks         

    tap    tap   tap   tap    tap

   Seven,  eight    lay    them   straight

   tap        tap     tap     tap     tap

   Nine,  ten    a    big   fat  hen!       

   tap    tap  tap  tap tap  tap

Step 1: Have your toddler sit on the floor.

Step 2: Place a small pillow, box, or toy drum, in front of her. Demonstrate how you can gently tap the pillow, box or drum with the rattle and develop a rhythm as you recite the nursery rhyme. Tap one time for each word. Say the rhyme in a steady easy rhythm as you gently tap with the rattle.

Step 3: Use your voice and facial expressions to show your enthusiasm. When you finish the rhyme, clap and cheer excitedly together!

Step 4: Try tapping different speeds, different sounding toys or different rhymes or songs.

Step 5: Give your toddler the rattle and let her tap along as you recite the nursery rhyme again. Repeat as long as your child is interested.