Prep: None / Activity Time: 3-5 Minutes

Toddlers love simple rhymes, especially ones that end with a kiss!

Step 1: Invite your toddler to sit in your lap or in front of you on the floor.

Step 2: Take her hand in yours and show her how to close her fingers to make a fist.

Step 3: Say the following rhyme as you gently tap on your toddler’s fist with your finger.

           Tap, tap, tap on (Sara’s) fist (use your child’s name).

           Open up for mommy’s kiss. Open! (show her how to open her fist)

Step 4: When the fist is open, tickle and kiss the palm of your child’s hand.

Step 5: As you repeat this rhyme, your toddler will soon start to open her fist when she hears the word "open."