Prep: None / Activity Time: 5-10 Minutes

Phonological activities are really important for developing literacy skills. However, for toddlers and two-year-olds, you don’t need to use direct instruction to teach these skills. Reading books, singing songs and playing simple word games will yield great results. Take a look at some recommended books that have lots of rhyme and language repetition to help expose your little one to these important phonological awareness skills in a fun and natural way.

  • books with rhyme and language repetition

Step 1: Include books in your child’s home library that have lots of rhyme and language repetition. You can also find many of these books at your community public library.

Step 2: Build time into your daily routines to read to your child each day. Here are some recommended books that are great to expose your child to rhyme, rhythm and language repetition.

Step 3: Repeat your child’s favorite books as often as you can. This repetition is powerful in developing and strengthening your child’s skills.

Read just one or two pages at a time if your child is busily on the go. Even very active children are listening to and benefiting from a read-aloud.

Invite your child to repeat simple finger plays and nursery rhymes with motions. The memorization of songs and nursery rhymes shows that your child is able to remember sequences of sounds. This is crucial to language development. So practice, practice with your little one, but always have fun.