Prep: 10 Minutes / Activity Time: 10 Minutes

Between 24 and 35 months, many children start to combine two and three word phrases, such as “all gone”, “daddy bye-bye” and “more milk”. It’s important to speak to your child in full sentences as much as possible. But during this special Teddy Bear Birthday Party, you and your child will communicate using two- and three-word phrases!

  • teddy bears and several other stuffed animals
  • small table or blanket on the floor to have “birthday cake”
  • paper plates and glasses, plastic silverware, party favors (optional)

Step 1: Set up a table or blanket with props to have a pretend birthday party (e.g., paper plates and glasses, party favors). Bring a few stuffed animal friends to the party.    

Step 2: Tell your child you are going to have a pretend birthday party with your friends. 

 Step 3: You might even identify the stuffed animal friend who is having a birthday and sing “Happy Birthday” to him! 

Step 4:  Then sit down and chat with your child using two and three word phrases. For example: you might hand her your paper cup and say “More milk”; hand her the plate and say “Cake, please”; turn your cup upside down and say “all gone”; point to another stuffed animal and say “lion wants cake." 

Step 5: See if your child understands what you are saying and chimes in with some requests of her own. 

Step 6: When you are done, say “Bye-bye! Going home.”  

Reduce the number of requests you make or offer very obvious visual or gestural cues. 

Increase the number of words in your sentences. Encourage your child to speak in longer, more complex sentences.