Prep: 1 Minute / Activity Time: 4-5 Minutes

Your child’s name is special to you and to your toddler. Why not use the first letter of your child’s name to spark an interest in letters? After all, there is no letter as exciting as that one for your child!

  • paper
  • markers

Step 1: Write the first letter of your child’s name on a sheet of paper in large, clear print.

Step 2: Touch the letter you wrote and tell your child that this is the first letter in her name. You might say: “I see the letter P. Patty begins with the letter P. That’s your letter!”

Step 3: Ask your toddler to show her letter to a family member, friend or even her pet. You might say: “Show Daddy your letter P.”

Step 4: Change the game to “Where is your letter?” by hiding the letter in an easy-to-see hiding space. Ask your child to find her letter. You might say: “ Where is your letter?” or “Can you find your letter?” “I can see the letter P.”

Just remember, at this age, we do not expect your child to remember the name of the letter. Your child will need many exposures to a letter in playful ways before she will recognize and remember the name of the letter or its sound. This activity is about exposure and fun!