Prep: 20 Minutes / Activity Time: 2-3 Minutes

Experiences with multiple textures can stimulate your baby’s hand muscles, which are needed for grasping objects and writing tools later on in his development. This activity provides baby with touch-and-feel exploration using a variety of textured fabrics.

  • 5 8 ½ x 11 sheets of felt
  • hole punch
  • 1-inch binder ring OR 6-inch piece of yarn
  • 5 fabric remnants of distinguishing textures (e.g. denim, silk, linen, chenille, textured cotton, lace, faux fur, etc.)
  • nontoxic fabric glue OR needle and thread
  • scissors


Step 1: Visit your local craft or fabric store and purchase five sheets of felt in various, bright colors.

Step 2: Gather fabric remnants of various textures from around your home. You can use fabrics from old clothing, bedding or blankets. Choose fabrics that have distinguishing textures like silk, lace, denim, chenille or faux fur. Also, choose fabrics that have bright colors or interesting patterns. You may also wish to purchase fabric remnants from your local craft or fabric store.

Step 3: Cut each felt sheet into a circle about 5 inches in diameter. Punch a hole in each felt circle with the hole-punch.

Step 4: Cut the textured fabric remnants into interesting shapes like a square, oval, rectangle or star.

Step 5: Using nontoxic fabric glue, attach one fabric remnant shape onto a felt circle so that you have five circles, each with a distinct fabric texture. If you are handy with a needle and thread, you may sew each remnant onto a felt circle.

Step 6: Place the binder ring through the punched holes of the felt circles. You may also tie the circles together by using a small piece of yarn or ribbon.

You have now created a unique Touch-And-Feel book and you are ready to share with your baby!


Step 1: Position your baby comfortably in your lap. Share the texture book with your baby. Allow him to explore the various textures by running his hand over each fabric.

Step 2: Talk to your baby as he explores each texture. Talk to him about how the different “pages” or fabric textures feel and look. For example, you might say:

Do you feel the green square? It feels soft, like a kitten! So soft!

Let’s feel this page. Oh! This is silky. It feels like your blanket!

Step 3: Follow your baby’s lead and let him explore the textures in whatever ways he likes. That might mean staying on the same texture for several minutes!

Step 4: Discontinue the activity when baby loses interest in exploring the book.