Prep: 15 Minutes / Activity Time: 20 Minutes

Create a treasure map to give your child an exciting reason to read and write!

  • paper
  • markers, crayons, pencils

Step 1: Hide something that you want your child to find. Create a simple map for him to follow that provides clues as to where to find the hidden surprise. Start with a map of just one room. Use a combination of pictures and words in your map. Send your child off to find the treasure, assisting as needed. 

Step 2: After your child has successfully located a few treasures using your map, let him become the map maker. Ask him to hide something for you or another family member to find. Encourage him to create a map of his own that a family member can use to find his hidden treasure. 

Step 3: Get the family together and go on a treasure hunt!

You can create the treasure map and ask your child to add words, letters or pictures to the map as clues to find the treasure.   

Encourage your child to use as many words as he can on the map. Invented spellings are acceptable during this stage of writing development.