Prep: 1 Minute / Activity Time: 3-5 Minutes

Babies and toddlers are constantly listening to and absorbing the sounds of language they are exposed to in the environment. By encouraging your child to listen carefully as you speak, you are helping to nurture his listening skills.

Cardboard tubes (from paper towel roll)

Step 1: Sit next to your child.

Step 2: Hold the cardboard tube to your mouth and speak into the tube. Choose a simple phrase or just make sounds. For example you might say:

"Jonah, can you hear me?"

Step 3: Share the tube with your child. Take turns speaking into the tube, changing your voice each time. You can speak loudly or in a whisper. You can use a high-pitched voice or a low-pitched voice.

Step 4: Give your child his own tube and create silly sounds together.