Prep: 10 Minutes / Activity Time: 10 Minutes

Add some fun to rhyming with Whack-A-Rhyme! Sometimes, the addition of a simple prop can provide the motivation your child needs to pay attention and focus on a task.

  • picture cards with rhyming words (six sets of rhyming pictures). You can find clip art pictures online, cut out pictures from magazines or draw your own. Here are examples of rhyming word pairs.
    • cat, bat
    • book, hook
    • fox, box
    • star, car
    • frog, dog
    • glue, shoe
  • Fly swatter
  • Painter’s tape (will not damage walls)


Step 1: Create six sets of rhyming picture cards (see examples under Supplies).

Step 2: Tape the cards to a wall, refrigerator or door.

Step 3: Locate a fly swatter to use as a pointing wand.


whackStep 1: Tell your child that you are going to play a fun game called Whack-A-Rhyme!

Step 2: Tell him that you are going to say a word and you want him to think about a picture that rhymes. Instruct him to think about it in his head, but wait to touch it until you say the command, Whack-A-Rhyme! When you give the command, he can gently whack the rhyming word with the flyswatter. For example, you might say:

I’m going to say a word and I want you to look at the pictures on the wall and think about one that rhymes with it. But don’t touch it until I say, 'Whack-A-Rhyme!' Ready? The word I am thinking about is log. Do you see a picture that rhymes with log? Wait! Don’t touch it until I give the command. OK – Whack-A-Rhyme!! You picked the dog. That’s great! Dog rhymes with log.

Step 3: Continue with other rhyming words.

Place only three to four pictures on the wall to choose from.

Once your child finds a rhyming word, see if he can think of another word that rhymes. It can be a real word or a pretend word.