Prep: None / Activity Time: 5-7 Minutes

Children in this age range may already be able to say a few words, but they are most famous for being little explorers! Fulfill their need for exploration by showing them a part of your home that they normally do not see on an everyday basis. This can be your garage, closet, attic or another bedroom. You will see what new words you can introduce to your little one and it will give you an opportunity to see what new items will be of interest to him.

  • an unfamiliar room with many items

Step 1: If your child is learning to walk, hold his hand and guide him to the new, unfamiliar room. You can also carry him in your arms.

Step 2: Point to new and interesting items that are at his eye level, especially items that he instantly begins to look at on his own.

Step 3: Tell him the name of the item, describe its shape and colors, and tell him something unique about it. For example, you might point to an old painting and say:

This is a painting that your big brother made when he was little. He used the colors red, green, brown and white. He was trying to paint Rudolph, the Red Nose Reindeer for me! Can you see Rudolph’s red nose? Rudolph is a reindeer who lives in the snow. Let’s see what else is in the attic!