Prep: 2 Minutes / Activity Time: 1-2 Minutes

Language development is something that happens every day. Sometimes we take for granted that our child understands what things are and how they work. This game lets your child practice simple oral language skills.

  • two to three toys or familiar objects that fit in a bag (refrigerator magnet, small car, ping pong ball, etc.)
  • one bag that all items can fit inside

Step 1: Say the name of each toy, object or item as you place it into the bag. You might say: "I’m putting a car, a magnet and a ball inside this bag.”

Step 2: Invite your child to reach into the bag and pull something out. Ask her to name the item. If she says the name, that’s great. If she doesn’t remember the name you might say: Wow! You found a car? And then ask her to repeat the word, Can you say car?

Step 3: Ask your child to describe something about the item does such as how it might be used, how the item feels, or something else interesting that you notice. Use the name of the item as you talk about it. You might say:

What can this car do? Or Show me how you play with this car.

Step 4: Take a few seconds to play with the item and then repeat the activity.


If she isn’t sure of the words to use when you ask a question, tell her the answer right away. You can repeat the task in a naturalistic, conversational manner so that language can be modeled again and again.

Place three items that feel different into the bag. Ask your child to reach into the bag and find something that feels soft or hard, big or small. When she pulls something out, talk about what it is and what it does.