Prep: None / Activity Time: 5-7 Minutes

Toddlers at this age enjoy pointing to and naming objects. You may often hear the words, “What’s that?” Use that simple question to build new vocabulary and expand oral language skills for your toddler.

Step 1: As you are walking around your home or yard with your toddler, point to items that you pass.

Step 2: As you point to or touch an item, ask “What’s that?”

Step 3. Give your toddler a few seconds to answer. If she does not answer, name the item and give a brief description of it. For example, you might say: “What’s that?” (pause) “That’s the door knob. Daddy uses the door knob to open the door.”

Step 4: After awhile, your child will start asking you, “What’s that?” Use these questions as opportunities to build your toddler’s language.