Prep: None / Activity Time: 5-7 Minutes

Toddlers are in a period of rapid language growth, both in the understanding of language and their ability to express language. Knowledge of positional words such as above, below, inside, outside and next to enhances their ability to follow directions and to use language more precisely. In this activity, you will use words in connection with concrete objects and situations to help your child develop an understanding of positional words.

  • alphabet blocks

Step 1: Take a few of your toddler’s alphabet blocks and place them around the room.

Step 2: Give your toddler a direction to get one of the blocks using positional words in your direction. For example: “Get the block that is under the table” (on top of the chair, inside the cup, next to your teddy bear).

Step 3: See if she can understand your direction. If not, guide her to the block and tell her “Here is the block! It is under the table. Pick it up!”

Step 4: You might also look at the block with your toddler and talk about the letters and pictures on the block.