Prep: 10 Minutes / Activity Time: 2-5 Minutes

By this age your little one has been watching your lips and seeing how certain sounds are formed. Continue talking to him face-to-face and be his model as he develops his skills. Help him become familiar with sounds by collecting pictures of objects he can point to and name. For this activity, choose pictures of objects that begin with the same sound, for example words that begin with an extended sound like /mmm/ or /sss/.

  • pictures of objects that begin with the same sound
  • photos of family or friends whose name begin with the same sound
  • index cards
  • glue


Step 1: Look through magazines and cut out three pictures of objects that begin with the same sound. Glue the pictures to index cards to make a card set. For example: mouse, monkey, moon.  Create 3-4 card sets. 


Step 1: Encourage your child to sit with you to look at the picture cards you have. Show him the pictures one by one, saying the name of the object, exaggerating the beginning sound, like this:

“Kevin, come see the picture cards Mommy has. Look at this /mmm/moon. Can you say /mmm/moon?”

Step 2: Continue looking at the next two picture cards. Place the cards on the floor in front of your child, point to each one and say: “Look, /mmm/moon, /mmm/ monkey, /mmm/mouse! Where’s the /mmm/monkey? There it is, you found the brown little /mmm/monkey ! Hooray!” Clap hands and show excitement at his attempts.

Step 3: Show additional collections of pictures that begin with another sound as long as your little one is interested.