Prep: None / Activity Time: 4-5 Minutes

Your toddler is probably beginning to notice his facial features. Tap into this budding curiosity by creating quick games that encourage a focus on each facial feature and how together they create a whole face. Just remember, your toddler may only focus for about 20 seconds or less before he is ready to move on to a new game, so follow his lead.

  • you
  • a doll or stuffed animal
  • child-safe mirror

Step 1: Hold a child-safe mirror in front of your child’s face.

Step 2: Touch your child’s nose and say: “I see baby in the mirror. I see baby’s nose. Touch your nose.  It’s in the middle of your face.”

Step 3: Your baby might watch you touch his face in the mirror, or he might touch his own face or touch the mirror. As long as your toddler shows interest, you can also find ears, eyes, mouth or chin. Point out facial parts that are in pairs (eyes, ears) versus just one.