Prep: 15 Minutes / Activity Time: 5-7 Minutes

See if your toddler can identify you and other family members just by hearing your voices. Hearing, isolating and identifying voices will help to attune your little one to sounds and lay the groundwork for hearing and identifying the more subtle sounds that make up words.

  • recorded voices of family members
  • photos of family members


Step 1: Use your phone or a tape recorder to record family members talking (one at a time).

Step 2: Gather photos of the family members to use as a visual guide if needed.


Step 1: Call your toddler over to play a game. Tell him to listen as you play the first recording. Ask him to tell you who is talking.

Step 2: If your toddler is unable to identify the voice, offer a visual clue. Place two photos in front of him. Ask him, “Listen! Do you hear Mommy talking or Daddy talking?”

Step 3: Continue with other family members as long as your child remains interested. You might even include a recording of your toddler talking. See if he recognizes his own voice!