Prep: None / Activity Time: 15 Minutes

Get the whole family together to create and write a family story. As you write, you’ll help your preschooler understand important concepts about letters and print. For example, she’ll begin to understand that print is spoken words that are written down and that print carries meaning. When a child understands what print is, she’s more likely to have strong word recognition skills as she learns how to read.

  • large piece of chart paper or poster
  • marker

Step 1:  Gather the family together after an activity like a trip to the beach, a visit to Grandma’s house, or a family vacation. Tell them that you’re going to work together to create a story about the event. 

Step 2:  Ask each person to describe his favorite part of the event.  

Step 3:  On the chart paper or poster, write down what each person says, one line per person. For example, you might write: 

Daddy says, “I liked swimming in the ocean.”

Sammy says, “I liked building a sand castle.”

Step 4:  Re-read the story, pointing to each word as you go along.   

Step 5:  Point out the names of family members that you have written down, paying special attention to the beginning letter. See if your preschooler can find her name in the story. 

Step 6:  Post the story on your refrigerator, door or wall so that your child can come back  and read it later.


Include photos or drawings in the story.  It might look something like this:


Ask your child specific questions about the story.  For example:

Can you show me where your name is written?

Point to the letter ___.

I’m going to circle a letter with my highlighter.  Can you tell me what the letter is?