Going to the doctor can be scary for young children. In this book, Maisy and her friend Tallulah pretend to be a doctor and nurse while playing hospital. Filled with colorful pictures and easy to read text, this book joins Dr. Maisy and Nurse Tallulah as they take good care of Panda.

This sweet story about Mouse, his Poppa, and some fresh snow is a great way to introduce concepts like winter, snow, and fun family activities. Action and sound words, rhymes and predictable text make this story interactive and enjoyable -- while promoting beginning reading skills.

Family book reading presents a wonderful opportunity to remind your toddler how much you love him. This sweet rhyming book uses adorable illustrations of a mother cat and her baby to show the fun and silly things parents do with their little ones.

This sweet and colorful book is perfect for teaching little ones about different kinds of hugs. The adorable illustrations and fun rhymes will make your toddler want to read this book over and over.

Interactive toddler books like "Counting in the Garden" encourage your toddler to find and count the different plants and creatures in the garden, and introduce descriptive words for him to learn.

Your toddler will enjoy listening to predictable rhymes as she meets the baby animals in this delightful book! She's sure to love going on exciting adventures as she flies, swims and wiggles along with the animals and their babies.

This simple and engaging story shows Early Bird’s journey as she wakes up and sets out on an adventure. Packed with vivid illustrations and lots of descriptive, action and directional words, this book will expose your toddler to new words and concepts.

Brightly colored fish will give your toddler lots of counting fun. The book’s dazzling colors and simple, rhythmic text will engage and entertain him.

Your toddler will love completing the verses as you read familiar rhymes from a favorite storybook! This activity encourages both phonological awareness and vocabulary growth.

You can spark your toddler’s interest in the alphabet simply by talking and pointing to letters while you share a cozy reading session!