Jim Aylesworth tells an inspiring story of a resourceful and thrifty young man who immigrated to America. The story is narrated by a grandchild, who takes the reader on a life journey of the grandfather and his growing family.

This award-winning book is a colorful and beautifully illustrated rendition of the traditional nursery rhyme, “1, 2, Buckle My Shoe.”

You can foster important language connections by playing a funny guessing game with your child!

Take your child on an amusing alphabet adventure with Kipper and his little friend, Arnold.

When Owen’s parents bring home a bear named Gary to complete their family, Owen is not happy at all. Though it takes Owen time to get used to Gary, he grows to love him.

Add some fun to rhyming with Whack-a-Rhyme! Sometimes, the addition of a simple prop can provide the motivation your child needs to pay attention and focus on a task.

Action words can be particularly difficult for children to learn. Here’s an activity to help make learning action words fun!

Make a folder game to help your child practice color words. It’s an easy, inexpensive way to create a fun and interactive activity for your preschooler.

Through an easy sequence of folds, you and your child can make a picture frame out of paper. This activity is a fun, creative way for your child to practice both fine motor and beginning writing skills.

Written by a mother whose children have multiple food allergies, Mangos for Max is a fun, colorful, educational book that follows cheerful Max as he goes about his day.