This appealing childhood classic is a sequel to the original tale, Corduroy. The adventure begins as Corduroy gets lost in a laundromat while searching for pockets of his own.

This activity gives your child lots of opportunities to practice pairing of letter names and letter sounds.

Extend your child’s learning through an imaginative writing activity designed to help her think about food allergies.

Rhyming is a skill that takes a lot of practice. Your child can practice rhyming through this fun game that incorporates music, movement and rhyme.

Use common objects from around your house to play this simple rhyme game. Children benefit from fun and engaging rhyming activities to help them master this important pre-reading skill.

Young kids love to make things disappear. Let your child find and then erase the letters you name as you chant: I see the letter ___ today. Can you make it go away?

Help your preschooler understand and use descriptive words as she collects and sorts household items by defined characteristics. A strong vocabulary will help your child become a better reader.

Self portraits are always fun. This activity can give your child an opportunity to express herself while giving you a glimpse of what makes her happy or sad.

Jamberry tells about the lively escapades of a bear and a little boy as they go off searching for berries. The rhythmic text will entertain your child as she is exposed to rhyming words and compound words.

Children never tire of being told how much they are loved. This book tells the story of a parent’s powerful love for a child using beautiful and imaginative examples.