The simple text in this story is great for identifying rhyming words and certainly a great starting place for encouraging conversations on feelings and getting along.

This story is about a little mouse named Lilly who experiences the arrival of a new little brother. Her parents constantly rave about how adorable and wonderful he is. However, Lilly feels otherwise.

Help your child learn the power of writing by helping her create her own home town book.

It is most effective when children use all their senses to learn alphabet letters. One way you can help your child visually connect to letter shapes and letter sounds is with the use of a mirror.

To increase your child’s expressive vocabulary, let her retell her favorite story with craft stick puppets you can create together.

The kitchen is full of fun words like mozzarella, zucchini, and rutabaga! Many words seem to have their own rhythm and a beat.

The detailed illustrations and captivating storyline in The Umbrella will take you and your child on an imaginary journey through a rainforest.

In this book, the author uses beautiful vocabulary that will bring vivid visual images to your child’s mind. Through words and beautiful illustrations, your child will experience the oppressive heat of a hot, summer day and the glorious rain that finally comes to provide relief.

Jay Jay is going to one of his favorite places, where there are lots of hugs, cuddles and good food! Join Jay Jay and his family for Sunday dinner at Grannie’s house.

In this witty book, friends, Piggie and Gerald the Elephant, realize that someone is looking at them. They soon realize that “someone” is the “reader” and that they are being read!