Learning about writing includes the understanding that print carries a message. This activity uses written clues to send your child on an amusing scavenger hunt, culminating with a prize at the end!

When learning the letters of the alphabet, children often first recognize the letters of their own names. They enjoy seeing the letters of their names and recognizing them. You might hear your child say: “That’s my letter!” or “That’s my name!” Why not go on a letter hunt with foods?

This activity uses a small plastic toy gorilla or other small toy to give your preschooler practice with prepositions.

Learning about compound words will help to build your child’s phonological awareness. Here’s a fun activity that uses oral as well as visual clues to help your child succeed.

Make Way for Ducklings is a classic award-winning book about a mother duck looking after her babies. After listening to this story, your child will wish this friendly family of ducks lived close by!

Buddy receives a note and five colorful bags in the mail from his grandfather. There’s a surprise in each bag that leads Buddy to learn about different kinds of seeds and all the things that can be done with them.

In this recommended children's book, a little girl takes Biscuit, the little yellow puppy, to the veterinarian for a checkup. It's a perfect read-along story for four-year-olds.

The Snowy Day takes the reader through Peter’s quiet adventure in his snow-covered neighborhood.

This beautifully illustrated story is about a boy who begged his grandmother to knit him snow-white mittens. Find out what happens when he drops his mitten in the snow! Your child will want you to read this adventure again and again.