What do you need to know to give your child a bright start in reading? How can you tell if your child is on track for reading success or is at risk for reading problems? Here are the tools to help you know what to do, starting from birth, to help your child become a happy reader and healthy kid.

Research shows that these factors increase a child’s risk of future reading problems:

  • family history of reading problems
  • parent who struggled in school or with reading
  • child who struggles with spoken language
  • exposure to lead-based paint in older homes and buildings
  • problems with attention, behavior or emotions
  • few books at home
  • few family members who talk, read and sing with him every day
  • frequent absence from school

Research also has proven that the earlier we identify children who are at risk for reading problems and begin helpful activities (as early as preschool), the better their outcomes. For Nemours BrightStart!, that’s our goal: helping every child achieve his reading potential, for school and for life.