Doctor Maisy

18 to 23 Months Concept

Going to the doctor can be scary for young children. In this book, Maisy and her friend Tallulah pretend to be a doctor and nurse while playing hospital. Filled with colorful pictures and easy to read text, this book joins Dr. Maisy and Nurse Tallulah as they take good care of Panda.

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The Ear Book

6 to 11 Months Concept

This small board book is an introduction to our sense of hearing and the things we hear every day. Simple pictures and rhythmic text make it a good choice for little eyes and ears. Emphasize the each of the fun sounds in the book to help build beginning reading skills like oral language.

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Who Are They?

Birth to 5 Months Concept

This wordless black-and-white picture book will make your baby’s first reading experiences fun, engaging and memorable! This book was designed with your baby’s eyes in mind, so that she can see the images clearly. Use this book to introduce her to new animal words and maybe even funny animal sounds.

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Dinosaur Roar!

12 to 17 Months ConceptPoetry/Songs

The large colorful pictures and limited words in this book make it a great choice to help toddlers build their vocabularies. "Dinosaur Roar!" will grow with your child as you introduce her to the concepts of rhyme and opposites.

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Monday Run-Day

24 to 35 Months ConceptPredictable Text

Every day is a fun day with this story of a little dog, his friends and their action-packed week. Your child will enjoy the simple colorful pictures and the rhythmic verses – each contains a day of the week and an action word that reflect the picture.

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