Author: Little Scholastic

6 to 11 Months Concept

At this age, your baby enjoys seeing pictures of other babies engaging in similar activities that she does! Baby Bathes is a short concept book that illustrates to your baby what other babies do and look like during bath time. This would be a great book to read before or after bath time.

Before, During and After Reading

Oral Language

Show your baby the front cover of the book. Explain to her what she is seeing. You might say: This is a picture of a little girl like you. And look what she’s doing! She’s taking a bath. You have so much fun during bath time! Show her the back of the book and have her look at the other babies. Explain that these babies are doing other things, like hugging a teddy bear or reading a book.

Phonological Awareness

When reading the words on the page, attempt to exaggerate the beginning sounds of each word. For example, you can read “warm water,” emphasizing and elongating the /w/ sound. You could elaborate and add more examples of the /w/ sound by saying: Warm water. We like it when the water is warm for bath time! This book has limited text to provide you more of an opportunity to talk and expose your baby to words and the sounds of words. 

Oral Language

Talk to your baby about the pictures in the book. Using your index finger, show her which picture is of a baby and which one is the rubber ducky, for example. Try to use as many descriptive words as possible when talking about the picture you are showing her. You might say: Look at all of the bubbles! They’re white, very light and help make you clean! Do you see the bubbles? They are everywhere!

Oral Language

After the story, gather a towel and a bath toy for your little one to play with. She may want to touch and grab her bath items to play with. As she grips her towel and/or her toy, talk about what they are and how they feel. You can also show her a picture in the book and explain how other babies use their towels and toys.

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