Author: Ken Karp Photography

6 to 11 Months Concept

This board book is perfect for short attention spans. Each page uses faces of real infants and toddlers to focus on mealtime, an important and relatable part of a baby’s day. The large photographs and simple words on each page are sure to catch -- and hold -- your baby’s attention.

Before, During and After Reading

Let your baby sit and cuddle with you on your lap and explore the book together. The large pictures of infant faces and bright colors will draw your baby’s attention to the book.


Infants this age enjoy real photographs, faces and pictures of babies. Let your baby touch, pat and point to the book and the pictures.

Read the words on each page with expression in your voice. Your baby will respond to the emotion and excitement in your voice.


You can continue the fun by repeating the phrases from the book during your baby’s next feeding. As you prepare your baby’s meal, let her play with the book. Use phrases such as “yummy yummy “as your baby is eating and show her the picture from the book.