Author: Leslie Patricelli

Birth to 5 Months ConceptPredictable Text

This book introduces emotions while using very little text. It allows for serve-and-return interactions, or conversations, between you and your baby. You can demonstrate exaggerated facial expressions to help make this book a fun experience for your little one.

Before, During and After Reading

Oral Language

Place your baby in his carrier or stroller and show him the front cover of the book. Show him the picture of the baby on the front cover. You might describe:

The baby looks happy in this picture. Look at his big smile! I think he’s smiling because he is about to eat a yummy ice cream cone.


Oral Language

Discuss the pictures. Talk about the facial expressions on the babies as you read each page. Imitate some of the facial expressions. See if your baby will copy you!  

Oral Language

Have fun showing your baby how you look when you are happy or sad! Smile from ear to ear and tell him that you are feeling very happy that you just read a book to him. You can also show him your sad face and can explain to him what makes you sad. After the story you can also let your baby play with a baby-safe mirror and describe the facial expressions he makes.

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