Author: Karen Katz

Birth to 5 Months Predictable Text

This charming book will get your little one looking for and learning the names of body parts. Simple illustrations of adorable little babies in familiar experiences reveal body parts under or behind something. Your baby is sure to start responding before you even get to lift the flaps on each page.

Before, During and After Reading

Sit your baby in a way that your hands are free. Show him the picture on the front cover and say the title of the book. Read the first page and show your baby how you lift the flap and reveal the page. Lean the book closer to your baby and see if he reaches for the book.      

Encourage vocabulary. Label the items in the pictures as you point to them.    

Play mirror image. Sit your baby where he can see his face in a mirror. Watch how he responds to the image in mirror. Look in the mirror together and talk about what you see. For example, touch your baby’s nose and say, Here is Taylor’s nose! Lean in close and encourage your baby to touch your face. For example say, Where is mommy’s nose? and gently guide your child’s hand to your nose.

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