Author: Genius Baby Toys

Birth to 5 Months Concept

This soft cloth book is great for the tiniest hands - and mouths - to explore. Young infant eyes prefer to focus on the contrasting colors of red, black and white. You can expose your infant to books with these cotton pages of bold colors and entertaining sounds.

Before, During and After Reading

Let your baby see, touch and try to hold the book. Its soft pages are designed so your baby can safely play with the book.

Talk about the illustrations on each page to encourage your baby to listen to your voice. Bring your baby’s focus to the book by touching and naming the pictures. Even during these early months, it is beneficial to expose your infant to books. Children love to hear your voice and the rhythmic sounds and cadence produced while reading.  

Touch the noisy areas of the pages so your baby can hear the sounds. Follow your baby’s cues. She will show you when she has had enough by turning her head or beginning to fuss. Remember that all experiences with reading and books should be enjoyable for your infant.  

Set the book out with other toys during floor and tummy time to encourage reaching. Use infant toys that also make a noise, like a rattle, when you play with your baby.  


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