Author: Denise Fleming

18 to 23 Months Concept

The beautiful, brightly colored illustrations in Barnyard Banter will engage and entertain your toddler. The repetitive phrases will encourage her to chime in as she becomes more familiar with the story. She will start to playfully search for goose, who is hidden on all the pages that ask, But where’s goose?

Before, During and After Reading

Oral Language

Talk about the illustration on the cover and read the title, Barnyard Banter.

Oral Language

Ask your child to point to the animals as you name them on each page. Read the words on each page, tracing under the animal sounds with your finger. Encourage her to tell you what sound each animal makes.

You might even ask her to imitate some of the same actions that the animals do in the drawings. For example, you can ask her to roll on the floor like the pigs rolling in the mud; jump like the frogs; fly like the birds.

Print Awareness

After the story, either the same day or on another day, ask your toddler to find pictures in the book. You might just hand her the book and ask her to find a cow, a rooster or a pig.

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