Author: Susan Larkin

Birth to 5 Months Poetry/Songs

Help make your baby’s bedtime reading routine extra snuggly and sweet by saying good night to her cheeks, toes, feet and nose! In this book, the rhythm and rhyme of the words, as well as the soft illustrations of fun animals, will bring a smile to both you and your sleepy little one.

Before, During and After Reading

Oral Language

Show your baby the picture of the animals in the crib on the front cover. Explain that night time is when babies and grownups go to sleep so that we can stay strong and healthy.  



Oral Language

Identify the different parts of the body. Each page in the book highlights a new body part for you to say goodnight to. Try lightly tapping each body part on your baby as you name it. Have even more fun by giving your baby lots of kisses, especially on her hands, toes, feet and head. After you have read the book more than once, show your baby your hands and cheeks and have her “say” goodnight to them.  

Oral Language

Say goodnight to your baby’s favorite stuffed animal. Gently kiss and name the body parts as you say goodnight.

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