Author: Leslie Patricelli

12 to 17 Months Predictable TextStorybooks

What could be worse than misplacing something really important to you? Your toddler will be captivated and may even relate to the desperation this toddler feels as he looks for his lost binky. The endearing illustrations draw the reader in to feel the growing panic of the toddler as his unsuccessful search for the binky continues. Finally, when the beloved object is found, all is well again in the world!

Before, During and After Reading

Help your child follow simple directions by placing the book on a table or shelf that he can reach. Encourage him to get the book.

Please get the book that is on top of the table and bring it to me. Let’s look at the front cover. What do you see? The name of this book is Binky. The baby is holding the binky. Come sit with me. Let’s see what happens!

The baby on the first page looks sad. Start reading expressively, with a sad tone in your voice.

Use facial expressions, add hand motions and build the drama as you read. On the pages that have a question, allow time for your child to respond.

Repeat the name of an object in the illustration and encourage your child to point to picture of it on the page. Have him find familiar objects or bring his attention to new objects.

Hand the book to your child, let him turn the pages and comment on what you see in the illustrations. As you look at a picture, ask your child to show you something in the house that is similar to what is in the picture. For example, you might ask him to run to the sofa, climb up on a chair or run and touch his crib.

Gather two to three familiar items from around your house and place them in a basket. For example, you might choose a toss pillow from the sofa, a bath toy from the bathroom, or a blanket from your child’s room. Show your child the basket and ask him to choose one item. Encourage him to tell you what the item is and to put it back where it belongs. Continue with the other items in the basket: have fun!  

Look at the animals in the story and have fun pretending (e.g., bark like a dog, swim like the fish).

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