Author: Sandra Boynton

6 to 11 Months ConceptPredictable Text

Silly animals show their brightly colored clothing in this board book -- but one of them just can’t seem to get dressed the right way! The descriptive words appear under each of the pictures, so you can bring your baby’s attention to clothing, not just the animals.

Before, During and After Reading

Cuddle with your baby on your lap and explore the book together. Let your baby hold the book and help you turn the pages.

Encourage your baby to point to the clothing on each animal with you as you read the text. Talk about what the silly animal has done with his clothes. As you read this delightful book again and again, it is sure to become one of your child’s favorites!

Before dressing your baby, name the type of clothing and its color as you talk to him. Hold it at your baby’s eye level so he can see what you are describing. For example, you might say, “Let’s put on your purple shirt.”

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