Author: Scholastic

18 to 23 Months ConceptPoetry/Songs

This cute, informative book with illustrations by Alicia Padron will show your toddler how fun it can be to brush her teeth! Full of colorful pictures and memorable rhymes, this book creates an enjoyable way to teach your toddler about an important routine.

Before, During and After Reading

Oral Language

Talk to your toddler about the title of the book and picture of the little girl on the cover of the book. Ask her questions about the scene. You might say:

This book is called Brush, Brush, Brush! What is that little girl doing? Is she brushing her teeth? You brush your teeth every day too!

The words in the book can be read or sang along to the tune of “Do Your Ears Hang Low?” Move your finger along with the words as you read or sing along.

Oral Language

Act out direction words like up and down and left and right to show your toddler what they mean and what it means to brush her teeth.

Point out different parts of the pictures that show aspects of the teeth-brushing routine. You might say:

The puppy is looking at his shiny white teeth in the mirror! They look so pretty!

The little girl has a pretty pink toothbrush just like you!

That little boy is making faces like a fish! Can you make a face like a fish?

Phonological Awareness

Emphasize the pairs of words that rhyme as you read or sing the words so that your toddler can hear the way the ends of the words sound the same, making it fun to say, such as swish and fish and spit and bit.


Oral Language

Talk to your toddler about why it is so important to brush to her teeth. Use positive, descriptive words such as clean, healthy, strong, shiny, white, etc.

Incorporate the song into your daily routine during teeth brushing time to keep it a fun activity for the whole family!

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