Author: John Schindel and Jonathan Chester

12 to 17 Months Nonfiction

Busy Penguins is a nonfiction board book with photographs that show penguins engaged in real-life activities like jumping, sliding, diving, splashing, feeding and cleaning. Nonfiction books (sometimes called informational books) provide accurate, factual information. Try to include nonfiction books in your home library, as children often enjoy them, especially if they provide new information about a child’s special interest. Read Busy Penguins with your child to help strengthen pre-reading skills like oral language, letter knowledge and print awareness. They're an important part of making sure your child is prepared to learn to read.

Before, During and After Reading

Print Awareness

Introduce the cover. Read the title as you track under the words with your finger. Talk about the penguins on the cover and where penguins live. 

Oral Language

Engage your toddler. As you read about the penguins, invite your toddler to imitate the actions of the penguins (e.g., jumping, dashing, feeding, drooping). 

Letter Knowledge and Print Awareness

Leave the book in a convenient place that is accessible to your toddler so that she can explore it independently. 

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