Author: Judy Sierra

3-Year-Olds ConceptStorybooks

How far will a monkey and his friends go to get some bananas from an island across the sea? Read this book to find out! Your child will enjoy the adventures of this brave and clever monkey while exploring counting, problem solving and other early literacy concepts.

Before, During and After Reading

Phonological Awareness

One easy way to help your child build a foundation for reading readiness is to expose her to rhyming patterns in words. Before you begin reading, look through the pages of the book and explain that she will hear many rhyming words during the story. Give some examples of rhyming words (ex: sea/tree and tried/dried). Ask your child to listen for rhyming word pairs as you read the story.



Letter Knowledge

It’s important for your child to explore the difference between letters and words and illustrations or pictures. Ask her to track under the words with her finger or pointer; this shows her that we read the author’s words for meaning. Encourage her to search for pictures that match the text; this will help her to look at the pictures to make connections to the words in the story.

You might say:

Touch each word as I read this sentence. ‘She counted one crocodile with a great big smile.’ Guide her hand as needed.

Follow up with:

Touch and count the picture of one crocodile with a great big smile. You’re right! You touched one crocodile with a great big smile!

Repeat the activity over and over until she has counted ten crocodiles.

Beginning Writing

Create an opportunity for your child to be an author and illustrator with her own Counting Crocodiles book. Simply attach several pages of unlined paper together. Encourage her to decorate the front cover with a picture and write her name. Assist her as she illustrates the book with drawings of one crocodile with a great big smile, two crocs resting on rocks, three crocs riding in a box, and so on.

Once her book is complete, allow her to read as you ask questions, provide positive comments and praise her work. 

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