Author: Angela C. Santomero

24 to 35 Months Concept

Grab a crayon so you and your child can explore this interactive story featuring the little dog, Blue, from the television series Blue’s Clues. You and your child will be asked to assist Blue through a colorful board book of hand-drawn illustrations by Traci Paige Johnson and Soo Kyung Kim. You'll use your child’s own drawings to complete the story right in the book! The pages wipe clean, so this book can be enjoyed repeatedly.

Before, During and After Reading

Oral Language

Explain why this book is special. Tell your child that this book is a special book that she can draw in using crayons. Remind her that she should not use her crayons to draw in other books, just this special one.

Read the title of the book and look at the front cover together. Notice that the cover includes text that states “Bring your own crayon!” You might say: The book says ‘Bring your own crayon!,’ so we need to find your crayons. Where do we keep your crayons? Or What colors should we choose? By making this connection, you will relate the words on the cover to a real-life experience for your child.

Beginning Writing

Now it’s time to encourage creative storytelling through drawing. Give your child time to think about the questions on each page. Explain new vocabulary words if your child is uncertain (e.g., bridge, train/railroad, types of boats). Then give her time to draw. Accept and encourage all attempts at drawing; you might even take turns drawing.  

Oral Language

You can revisit the story again and again. Now that your child has completed the drawings, go back through the book and encourage your child to talk about her drawings. You can get the conversation started by asking detailed questions, such as How did that ____ help in the water?

Have a tissue or paper towel ready if your child wants to wipe the book clean and redraw the pictures.

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