Author: H.A. Rey

12 to 17 Months Predictable Text

Meet Curious George and some of his friends as they bring attention to parts of their faces and heads in this fun, interactive book. Characters will explain how they use a particular body part on their heads; ask your child to find the same body part looking in the shiny mirror pages of the book. Your child will have fun looking for these parts on his head or just making silly faces in the mirror.


Before, During and After Reading

See if your child can follow an instruction to identify the book. Place the book on a table or shelf and give a specific instruction to your child to get the book. For example: Go to the table and get the book with the monkey and dog on it.

Introduce the front cover of the book and talk about what you see. For example, touch the picture of the monkey as you introduce the title. Ask your child what else he sees on the front cover. You might say: Let’s look at this book together. The title of the book is Curious George What Do You See? This is Curious George. What do you think Curious George might see?

Introduce the mirror. Ask your toddler to look in the mirror and tell you what he or she sees. You might say: Look! This is a mirror; who do you see in the mirror? I can see my sweet boy.


Encourage your child to copy the motions that each animal does during the story. Read the words on the page and do the interactive activities. For example, when the kitty uses her paw to wash her ear, invite your toddler to pretend to wash his ear; or when the bunny sniffs with his nose, have your child look in the mirror and sniff with his nose.


Play a game where your child looks in the mirror and tells you what he sees. Bring attention to the mirror during regular routines, such as brushing teeth or getting dressed. Say your child’s name and then ask, What do you see? You can help your child by asking, Do you see your eyes? Do you see your neck? Use the mirror to look for body parts that were not mentioned in the book, such as: teeth, chin, cheek, eyebrow, forehead, neck.  

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