Author: Lucy Cousins

18 to 23 Months Concept

Going to the doctor can be scary for young children. In this book, Maisy and her friend Tallulah pretend to be a doctor and nurse while playing hospital. Filled with colorful pictures and easy to read text, this book joins Dr. Maisy and Nurse Tallulah as they take good care of Panda.

Before, During and After Reading

Letter Knowledge (Print Awareness)

Get excited and create a positive environment. Tell your child why you love this book. Share the excitement of why you chose this book, using examples to help your toddler see the joy you have for reading.

You might say: This book makes me happy. It reminds me of your first visit to the doctor.

Introduce the book. Look at the front cover of the book, pointing to some of the great illustrations. Invite your toddler to describe what he sees.

You might say: This is the book Doctor Maisy. I see Dr. Maisy taking care of Panda. What do you see?

Oral Language

Introduce new words from the story to help your child connect to past experiences. Talk about the visit to Dr. Maisy’s office and what she and Nurse Tallulah are doing for their patient. Relate the story to your child’s recent visit to the Doctor’s office.

You might say: Look how Tallulah listens to Maisy’s heartbeat. Let’s find your heartbeat. (Place your hand on your child’s heart) Does that tickle? Let’s listen. Thump, thump, thump!

Oh, no. Panda has a fever! Look at Maisy take his temperature just like (Doctor’s Name) checks yours.

Look at Maisy’s bandage. Let’s touch the bandage. Watch how I place this bandage on your arm. Where is it?

Beginning Writing

Help your toddler connect ideas from the book to real life while strengthening his fine-motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Use the attached Maisy template and gather bandages from your first aid kit. After coloring Maisy together, allow your child to open the bandages and place them on her boo-boo’s.

You might say: Remember when we read the book about Maisy and Tallulah playing hospital? Nurse Tallulah used a bandage to help Maisy feel better. Let’s color this picture of Maisy and place bandages on her boo-boo’s to help her feel better.