Author: Toni Yuly

18 to 23 Months Storybooks

This simple and engaging story shows Early Bird’s journey as she wakes up and sets out on an adventure. Packed with vivid illustrations and lots of descriptive, action and directional words, this book will expose your toddler to new words and concepts.

Before, During and After Reading

Oral Language

Show your toddler the cover of the book and introduce her to Early Bird. Explain to her that people are called “early birds” when they wake up early in the morning. Make predictions about the story with your toddler. You might say:

I wonder what adventures Early Bird will have in the story. Maybe she will make a friend like this butterfly she sees in this picture. Who else do you think she will meet?


Oral Language

While you are reading, point out details in the scenery. You might say:

Early Bird woke up so early, it is dark and the moon is still out! She woke up before the sun did!

This story contains many descriptive, action and directional words. While reading, act out some of the words to show your toddler what they mean. For example, when reading about Early Bird waking up and standing up “as tall as she can,” you can show your toddler how to stretch and stand up tall. Then, encourage her to show you how she stands tall.

Use your hands to walk like a bird and act out how she walks “across,” “through,” “under,” and around the things she sees.  Invite your toddler to pretend she is the Early Bird and give simple directions to imitate the actions. You might say:

You be the Early Bird -- can you walk across the carpet? Can you go through the doorway? Can you crawl under the blanket? 

Oral Language

The ending of the story shows Early Bird and Early Worm sharing a strawberry for breakfast. Ask your toddler about her favorite thing to eat for breakfast and whom she would like to share it with. You might say:

It was so nice of Early Bird and Early Worm to share that strawberry for breakfast! What is your favorite thing to eat for breakfast? You love blueberries! Would you share your blueberries with Early Bird and Early Worm? Who else would you like to share with?

Reference the story the next time your toddler wakes up very early, telling her she is an “early bird” just like the little bird in the book.

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