Author: Wendell Minor

18 to 23 Months Concept

Introduce your child to the world of farm animals with this sturdy board book with beautiful illustrations. Reading My Farm Friends with your toddler is a great way to strengthen important pre-reading skills like oral language.

Before, During and After Reading

Oral Language

How many of the animals on the front cover can your toddler name? Ask her what kind of building the animals are in (barn). Talk about the purpose of a barn on a farm. 

Oral Language

As you open the book to the farm scene, see how many animals your toddler can find (e.g., mouse, rooster, cat, birds).

Discuss the illustrations on each page. See how many animals your toddler can name. Does she know the sounds the animals make? 

Remember, at this age your toddler may not pay attention to the entire book, and that’s okay. Reading just one or two pages at a time is still beneficial. 

Oral Language

Visit a farm with your child. See how many of the animals from the book you see on the farm. You may even want to bring the book along to show your child as she sees the farm animals.  

As you go through the day, talk with your child about things that come from animals (e.g., eggs, wool, milk). 

Sing farm songs like “Old MacDonald Had a Farm.” 


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