Author: Tiger Tales

6 to 11 Months NonfictionPredictable Text

Your baby’s senses will be totally engaged by these adorable photographs of pets. Add drama and mystery as you read these repetitive pages. Your baby will love hearing you say the animal sounds, and you might even encourage her to repeat a few for you. This interactive board book will help build your child's vocabulary and develop her hand-eye coordination as she touches and feels the textures.

Before, During and After Reading

Cuddle with your baby on your lap and explore the book together. Show her how to touch the spot on the book with the texture and say how soft and fuzzy the bunny fur feels. Encourage your child to help you turn the pages.

Say the animal sounds in sequences and encourage your child to imitate the sequence. For example, say wooooof, wooooof – slow and drawn out, or woof, woof, woof – short and quick.

Encourage your baby to touch things in the pictures: Where is the puppy’s nose? 

Gather a few toys with different textures, such as a fuzzy stuffed animal, a smooth ball, and a bumpy toy car. Place the toys where your baby can reach them. As your baby chooses a toy, talk about the texture. For example: You have the fuzzy duck; fuzzy, fuzzy, fuzzy! or That ball is big and smooth; smooth, smooth ball. 

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