Author: Trish Cooke

4-Year-Olds Storybooks

Jay Jay is going to one of his favorite places, where there are lots of hugs, cuddles and good food! Join Jay Jay and his family for Sunday dinner at Grannie’s house.

Before, During and After Reading

Relate the story to your child’s experiences. Tell him that the title of the story is Full, Full, Full of Love. Ask him what kinds of things make him feel loved. Look at the picture on the front cover and ask your child if he thinks this grandmother and child love each other and why.

Oral Language

Read the story with expression and talk about the beautiful illustrations. Relate the story to your own family gatherings and traditions. Maybe your family has to drive or fly a long distance to be able to visit grandparents. Is your family as large as the one in the story or is it small? How would your menu compare to the Sunday dinner in the story? What are other similarities and differences between your family and the one in the book?

Beginning Writing

Ask your child to draw a picture of his family. He can include his immediate family as well as extended family members. Write the name of each person your child includes in his family picture.

Write a letter or note to a family member who lives far away. Tell your child that another way to show love to someone is to do something special for them, like writing a note or letter. Help your child write a letter and/or draw a picture to mail to a special family member far away.


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