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This soft, brightly colored rhyming book is perfect for young eyes and little hands to explore. As you turn the crinkling pages, the book’s images allow for visual, auditory and tactile sensory experiences that you and your baby can enjoy together. Feel the fluttering wings of a dragonfly or the smooth shiny shell of a snail. Fuzzy Bee and Friends will stimulate your baby’s senses and make a wonderful addition to her growing library.

Before, During and After Reading

Beginning Writing

Before you read, take a sensory walk through the soft pages of the book. Give the cover a tender squeeze and allow your baby to hear the rustle of the page. You might say:

Did you hear that? This page is making noise. Would you like to give it a try?

Pause after you ask each question and give your baby the chance to think about what you have said. Gently place your baby’s hand in yours and explore the book together, feeling the textures of each page. Watch how your baby reacts to the different sensations and stay on each page for as long as your baby seems interested. As you explore together, talk about what you (or your baby) are doing. You might say:

I’m feeling the fuzzy worm.

You’re patting the ladybug’s round spots.

As your baby explores with her hands, she is developing the fine motor skills she needs later for early writing.

Letter Knowledge

As you read, use descriptive words to talk about the bugs on each page.  You might say:

Here is a fuzzy bee.

I’m touching the blue beetle.

Touching what you are talking about helps your baby‘s focus. Watch her eyes to see if she focuses on what you are touching or if she is drawn to another part of the page. Follow her gaze and then use descriptive words to talk about what she is focused on.  You might say:

               You’re looking at the purple and yellow stripes.

As you point out shapes and differences in objects, you are helping your baby with future alphabet learning.

Phonological Awareness

Sing songs with rhyme to start to develop your baby’s awareness of the rhythmic sounds of language. Your baby will light up as you sing and engage in this lively song.

Place your baby in a position where you can make eye contact with one another. Use your fingers to touch your baby on the nose, toes, arm, leg and elbow as the song prompts you. Sing and move slowly, letting your baby follow your motions with her eyes. Watch your baby’s cues to see if she enjoys this or if the movement is too stimulating for her. Follow her lead and stop when she shows you she is no longer interested.

Sung to the tune of "Jingle Bells:"

Bumble bee, bumble bee,
Landing on your nose,
Bumble bee, bumble bee,
Now he's on your toes.

On your arm, on your leg,
On your elbow.
Bumble bee, oh bumble bee
He lands, and then he goes.

As your baby’s interest in the song increases, incorporate it throughout your day. While you’re riding in the car or on a walk, you might even see some bugs from the book. Use the names of the flying insects from the book (Ladybug, Beetle Bug, Dragon Fly or Butterfly) as you see them with your baby.

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