Author: The Global Fund for Children

Birth to 5 Months Concept

Global Babies is a recommended children's book created by The Global Fund for Children, a nonprofit organization committed to advancing the dignity of all young children. In this book, you and your child will see adorable babies from around the world.

Before, During and After Reading

Show your baby the cover of the book. Point out the baby’s eyes in the photograph. Gently touch or kiss your baby’s eyes. 

Show your baby the baby faces on each page as you talk about the photographs. Babies love looking at faces! Turn the pages slowly to give your baby a chance to absorb the photos. Talk about what you see in the photos. Watch your baby and follow his lead to know when to turn the pages. 

Point out and talk about other babies.  When you are out in the community or with family and friends, show your little one other babies and watch them delight in one another!  

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